Starters & Sides

From classic Japanese tempura to our wholesome gyoza dumplings, our starters and sides are great accompaniments for your main of choice.

Miso soup (vegan)


Traditional Japanese soup, served with tofu, wakame and spring onion.

Wok-fried greens (vegan)


Stir-fried pak choi and broccoli, tossed with garlic and soy sauce.

Edamame (vegan)


Steamed edamame soybeans. served with sea salt and shichimi chilli.

Kabocha pumpkin (vegan)


Japanese pumpkin croquettes coated in crispy panko breadcrumbs with tonkatsu sauce.

Shichimi chilli calamari


Crispy fried squid made with light tempura and shichimi chilli. served with tempura sauce.



Crispy fried ball-shaped octopus, brushed with tonkatsu sauce and finished with Japanese mayonnaise and bonito flakes.

Fried sushi


mixed sushi coated in golden crispy panko breadcrumbs served with chilli dip.


a classic Japanese appetiser made with crispy and light batter.

Yasai tempura (vegan)


Sweet potato, peppers, courgette and aubergine.

King prawn tempura


Assorted tempura


King prawn, calamari, sweet potato, courgette and pepper.


five steamed and grilled Japanese dumplings with gyoza sauce

Mixed Gyoza






Yasai vegetable (vegan)