Fresh Juices & Soft Drinks

Fresh juices menu NOT available at Birmingham Grand Central branch

Fresh Juices

Squeezed by our samurais and geishas, regular £3.75 or large £4.75


Apple, mint and lime

Tropical fever

Apple, mango and orange


Apple, spinach, orange, cucumber, carrot.

Zingy carrot

Carrot and ginger

Popeye power

Spinach, apple and ginger

Simply healthy

Cucumber, spinach, orange and apple.

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Mango and apple

Soft drinks

Aloe vera


Ramune japanese lemonade


Ramune japanese lemonade - strawberry


Iced tea, lemon or peach


Ginger beer*




Diet coke


Orange juice




Still water


Sparkling water


Japanese green tea (unlimited)


includes sugar tax levy