Fresh Juices & Soft Drinks

This menu NOT available at Birmingham Grand Central branch

Fresh Juices

Squeezed by our samurais and geishas, regular £3.50 or large £4.50


Apple, mint and lime

Tropical fever

Apple, mango and orange


Apple, celery, orange, cucumber and carrot

Zingy carrot

Carrot and ginger


Spinach, apple and ginger

Fruit & veg

Cucumber, spinach, celery and apple

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Mango and apple

Soft drinks

Belvoir organic elderflower 250ml


Firefky kiwi, lime & mint


Aloe vera 500ml


Ramune japanese lemonade 200ml


Iced tea, lemon or peach 500ml


Ginger beer* 300ml


Coke* 330ml


Diet coke 330ml


Orange juice


7up 330ml


Still water 500ml


Sparkling water 500ml


Japanese green tea (hot or cold)


includes sugar tax levy